Granite Slabs in Ontario Kitchens are Increasingly Popular

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Granite’s Popularity is Growing

The use of granite in home design is expanding. Perhaps best known for its use as granite slabs in Ontario kitchens, it is also increasingly used in tile form as well. Granite is popular for bathroom vanities, countertops, backsplashes, bar tops, windowsills, and hearths.
Granite’s versatility is enhanced by the range of colours it takes – from Niagara Gold, to dark brown and black, right through to peach and light rose. Granite’s veining and accents vary considerably, and it makes a unique and agile addition to a home’s decor.
But the growing importance of the kitchen in homes is particularly responsible for granite’s growth. Once the domain of a woman toiling at preparing food and washing up, the kitchen has changed, along with gender and family roles. It is now the place where most families congregate, to share in the preparation of food but also to socialize. Parties often gravitate to kitchens as well, and the urge to make it a showplace is strong.

Tiles Versus Slabs

The issue in home renovations now seems often to be less "if” granite should be used – but in what form. It comes in tiles and solid rock form. Both have their advantages. As slabs, granite has significant wow factor. It can dominate a room and make a bold statement about its owners. And, in its natural state, it is fascinating – no stone is identical and, within each slab, there can be a range of colour and accent.
Tiles are more flexible. A blend of materials, they can be hard to tell from the slabs and come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. Tiles are less costly than slab granite but of similar quality – with all of the latter’s durability, longevity and low maintenance. Tiles also have the added advantage of being easier to install, and more flexible in how they can be applied to a space with unusual configurations.  In both cases, the stone is stain, scratch, and burn resistant, but tiles are more easily replaced. Both tile and slab increase the resale value of a home.

Cleaning Granite

Like anything of value, granite requires some maintenance. The surface should be cleaned and wiped down daily, using a clean microfiber cloth. A dry cloth can dust the surface and warm water is sufficient to wipe away any daily residue and minor stains. If a more vigorous cleaning is needed, mild dish or hand soap can be used in combination with warm water. The soapy water should be cleared with clean water, and the surface dried.
Once a week it is optimal to use a stone cleaner, which can help prevent scratches, cavities, and cuts to the surface of the stone. A poultice of flour, baking soda, and dish soap can be used to remove stains.
Once a year or two, the surface should be professionally resealed. A trick for determining when a resealing is necessary is by sprinkling water onto the granite; it if no longer forms beads, it’s time to reseal.
Whether it is granite slabs or tiles, this versatile stone can provide lasting pleasure for generations, and truly help make a house, a home.